Faq Info

How does the Oxy Fryer work?

The Oxy Fryer uses a simple yet innovative mechanism, which helps it to fry food without oil. The powerful fan of the fryer circulates air in the food basket leading the air to heat up faster. Specially designed inner lines of the food basket contribute to air flow by swirling it. This heats up the ingredients of the basket from all corners simultaneously, making your food healthy, delicious and crispy. Conventional methods of frying use excessive amount of oil to achieve the same crispy essence. The Oxy Fryer therefore, makes your food low in calories too.

Does cooking in the Oxy Fryer impact the nutritional value of the food?

No, it does not impact the nutrition value of the food, in fact it retains the maximum nutrients.

How do I remove the food basket from the pan?

Push the button present on the handle of the food basket and it will come out easily.

Where can I find an authorized Kenstar service center?

You need to call our customer care center for logging the complaint by dialing 39404040 (prefix State capital STD code) or you can visit www.kenstar-appliances.com and can get nearby service center details.

Does it release smoke while cooking?

Yes, if there is excess of oil on the food.

Can I use an extension cord for the Oxy Fryer?

Yes, you can use an extension cord but remember to use a 3 Pin plug.

Why is pre-heating required before cooking in the Oxy Fryer?

When you start preparation, the Oxy Fryer is at the room temperature, which takes time to reach the specific temperature required for food preparation. Therefore, pre-heating the Oxy Fryer is essential.

Is it necessary to use a 3 pin socket?

Yes, a 3 pin socket is necessary.

What are the precautions needed while cooking in the Oxy Fryer?

Oxy Fryer should be placed on a flat surface only. Oxy Fryer electricity point must be of 5 amp. Gap between Oxy Fryer and the wall should be more than 5 inches. Frequent taking out of the food basket should be avoided. Do not rotate the timer in anti-clockwise direction forcefully during cooking. Switch off the unit when not in use.

Can I wash food basket/frying pan in a dishwasher?

Yes, you can wash Oxy Fryer food basket and frying pan in a dishwasher.

Can I use baking tin inside the food basket?

Yes, you can use baking tin inside the food basket. eg: stainless steel and silicon baking tins.

Can I remove Frying basket during cooking?

Yes, you can pull out your frying basket any time during cooking.

How can I clean food basket of the Oxy Fryer?

The Food basket has a special coating. Hence, it should be soaked in hot water with liquid detergent and should be cleaned with a soft sponge.

Can I prepare 4-5 recipes one after the other?

Yes, you can prepare any number of dishes one after the other.

What is the capacity of food basket?

The capacity of food basket is 3 Litres.