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“I have always been a big foodie and fried food has always been my favorite. Avoiding it has never been easy for me. But, thanks to Kenstar Oxy Fryer’s revolutionary oil-free frying*, I can now enjoy my choicest dishes, without any guilt.

This indeed, is a boon for each one of us”

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"Introducing the Oxy Fryer a revolutionary product by Kenstar"

  • Oil Free Frying

    Oil Free Frying

    The Oxy Fryer, fries your favorite food evenly, without any oil, and retains most of the nutrients inside. The complete lack of oil, during frying, further ensures that your cholesterol levels are in check. In short, you get healthy and tasty food with the Kenstar Oxy Fryer.

  • Health Benefits

    Health Benefits

    The Oxy Fryer uses air to fry your favorite snacks instead of oil,thus making the food healthier. The Kenstar Oxy Fryer is recommended for better cooked food. Certified by reputed university.

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  • LifeStyle


    Do you spend too much time in the kitchen? Oxy Fryer brings a revolution in Indian cooking, prepare all delicacies in minutes with Kenstar Oxy Fryer.

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The revolutionary, new Kenstar Oxy Fryer uses only hot air for cooking. As a result food stays tasty and crispy. Just the way you always like it.

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100 delicious recipes

  • Large Food Basket

    Large Food Basket

    A food basket with a large capacity of 3 liters helps you fry large portions of food with absolute ease.

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  • Smart Functions

    Smart Functions

    Make your life smarter! The Dual Indicator in Oxy Fryer is the smart feature that keeps you alarmed when switched on as well as while on heating mode. In addition, the device features a smart sensor that stops working when Food basket is Open.

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  • Wide Temperature Range

    Wide Temperature Range

    Cook your favorite delicacies at the right temperature. The new Oxy Fryer brings along a smart feature to play around with all possible temperatures.

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Get the power of 100 recipes in your hand with fast and powerful Oxy Fryer mobile App.

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